You can request, through a support request (see below for details), to get your Office 365 tenant enabled for eDiscovery for Teams when you are in Exchange Hybrid configuration.

eDiscovery for Teams has been already deployed some time ago across Office 365 tenant; this update will cover the scenario when a user is still hosted on Exchange on-premises and is using Teams.

Below a diagram explaining how the eDiscovery will work in this configuration (courtesy Microsoft)


Support Request Details

As said above, to get this feature activated you need to raise a support request to Office 365 and provide the following details:

  • Description (or SR subject): Enable Application Content Search for On-premises Users
  • Default domain of your Office 365 tenant; usually this will be your default internet domain, used for email address/UPN….
  • Tenant name: well, this is clear enough Smile – will be like
  • Azure AD ID: you can get your Azure AD ID from the Azure/Azure AD portal by accessing the Properties blade